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5 days ago

Torenbeek Vet Clinic

IT'S TIME TO FOCUS ON DENTAL CARE! Until the end of September we are offering FREE Dental Health checks in clinic and 10% off a Dental Scale & Polish. Please phone the clinic to make an appointment on 49282593. Four out of every five dogs and cats over the age of three years have some sort of dental disease which becomes more severe with age. Plaque and tartar contain a multitude of bacteria and toxins that can spread to other parts of the body. This can be a real problem for pets and owners because it can lead to more serious problems such as illnesses related to the heart, liver and kidney.
In its early stages, it’s a disease that is reversible. However, it can also go undetected for years, despite causing pain and discomfort. Clinical signs of periodontal disease include:
• bad breath
• swollen or easily bleeding gums
• broken teeth
• reluctance to eat harder foods
• drooling
• pus near the gums
• tartar build up
Annual dental checks are an ideal opportunity for owners to find out if their pet has an existing problem which has gone unnoticed.
Vets also recommend regular tooth brushing. Tooth brushing is safer and more effective than chewing and many dogs and cats can be trained to enjoy having their teeth brushed, especially if started when they’re young.
Although bones are a popular treat that you may be using for dental care, they can cause problems such as broken teeth and gut obstructions. Specialised dental diets and dental chews are preferable.

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Can you help? One of our elderly clients can no longer care for her two sweet little dogs and lovely cat and we're hoping someone can offer them a permanent, caring and safe home for them to live out the rest of their days. Bocky is a 9yr old desexed male mini foxy cross and Missi Mae is a 10yr old desexed female Silky Terrier, they will need to be rehomed together and would suit an older adult/s or a home with older teenage children (no young children).
Lucky is a 12yr old cat who will need an indoor home preferably with an older person or someone who is home a lot. If you think you might be able to help or know someone who could, please phone the clinic and speak with one of our staff on 49282593.

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Tick season has begun! We have seen multiple cases of Paralysis Tick Toxicity this week. Clients please ensure your pet/s tick prevention is up-to-date, if you are unsure or they are currently on no treatment please phone or come in to the clinic and see our friendly staff. We can check your pet/s current treatment and help you choose the product that will best suit your pet.

Paralysis Ticks! These crawly little blood suckers aren’t around to play and often go unnoticed until your pet begins showing signs and symptoms of toxicity.
Signs & symptoms include:
- Loss of motor control / Unsteadiness
- Strange barking or meowing (vocal paralysis)
- Regurgitation
- Excessive panting
Long coated dogs & cats are especially prone as they tend to hide amongst all that fur! Please thoroughly check your pet on a daily basis. Especially check in and around ears, between toes and under collars. Regular brown dog ticks, cattle ticks and bush ticks are harmless but can be uncomfortable for your pet, feel free to remove these as necessary and provide your pet with some form of tick prevention. .

If you think your pet has a paralysis tick or you think they may have been bitten but you cannot find the tick, please contact the clinic immediately. We have attached a tick comparison picture for your reference. Traditionally, Paralysis ticks are blue/white/grey in colour, have all of their legs towards the front of their body and generally burrow into the skin causing a cratered appearance.

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